Missouri could only fulfill its mission to help the thousands of children available for adoption and in foster care with the cooperation of faith-based organizations. That’s according to Vicki Stoneberger, with the Missouri Children’s Division.

She told Missourinet the state and its faith-based partners share a common mission – working with children and families.

“And a lot of times they actually have programs and ministries that are free that we can refer families to,” she said. “And then once they get involved with these programs and ministries, we can back away and these are people that can stay within the family through the future.”

Stoneberger said it takes a village to carry out Missouri’s mission to care for these children.

“We want to hook them up with our faith-based partners so that they feel comfortable with them to, in the future if they start to kind of run into a little snag or some issues, we want them to be able to reach out. Many, many times, they’re more comfortable reaching out to our faith-based partners than they are to us,” she said.

Stoneberger said Missouri is continually looking to partner with additional organizations, especially in northern Missouri and around the holidays.

“They can sometimes, you know, if they have extended family coming in to visit, they can provide larger locations for family visits. And not only that, they’re providing a lot of food for our families for Thanksgiving and Christmas,” she said.

Stoneberger said they also provide many Christmas gifts for the children.

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