Jackson County’s property tax assessment process is headed to court. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and the State Tax Commission have filed a lawsuit, alleging the county failed to follow Missouri law when assessing and levying property taxes.

“Jackson County’s property assessments violated state law when the assessors failed to give timely and proper notice of assessments, failed to perform the required physical inspections of certain property, and handled appeals of the property assessments in an illegal and dysfunctional manner,” he said.

Bailey said the average assessed value increase is at least 30%, with some reported increases of more than 100%.

“Jackson County residents have suffered significant economic harm due to the dramatically increased and illegal assessments on their property for taxes,” said Bailey.

The attorney general wants all assessment increases above 15% voided.

Preliminary results of a state audit say up to 200,000 homeowners were the victims of a “flawed and inadequate assessment process.”

Jackson County is pushing back on the lawsuit. Assessor Gail McCann Beatty told KMBC-TV in Kansas City that she feels the audit and lawsuit are politically motivated.

“Typically an auditor does a financial report. This is not the type of audit that they do. They don’t have staff that has the expertise in appraising or assessment. We absolutely believe that there are things that are incorrect in that preliminary report,” said McCann Beatty.

State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick, a Republican, fired back at her comments.

“Gail McCann Beatty needs to stop trying to play the political victim card and instead do what’s right to help the real victims in this process, the people of Jackson County,” he said.

Fitzpatrick and McCann Beatty served together in the Missouri House of Representatives. McCann Beatty was the House Minority Leader.

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