The Missouri Lottery is seeing a big year when it comes to total sales – $1.8 billion, the second highest in the lottery’s 38-year history.

Lester Elder, the Missouri Lottery Commission’s director, said $425 million dollars were transferred to education in Fiscal Year 2023, the highest in the lottery’s history.

“I really didn’t realize how many people won big on the Missouri Lottery until I took this job last year,” said Elder. “For this calendar year, we’ve had 43 millionaires created by the Missouri Lottery. Two-thirds of those are scratcher tickets and the other third is for the draw games.”

Including, most recently, a player in St. Louis, who won a $1.3 million Lotto jackpot earlier this month.

Elder explained to lawmakers that 97 cents of every dollar spent on the Missouri Lottery goes somewhere.

“For every dollar that goes to Missouri Lottery, 68.8 cents of that dollar goes back to the players for prizes,” he said. “Twenty-two cents goes to education. Five-point-nine cents goes to the retailers and that’s their commission for selling the lottery tickets. The 3.2-cents, that’s our administration cost.”

Recipients of lottery proceeds include Missouri’s K-12 public schools, community colleges and universities.

To date, the lottery’s total transfers to state public education have surpassed $8 billion.

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