The penalty called on Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney negated what may have been the play of the year in the NFL. From just inside midfield at the Buffalo 49 with just over one minute to play, Patrick Mahomes completed a pass to Travis Kelce, who turned upfield and then threw a backward pass to Toney who raced in 25 yards for what appeared to be the go-ahead touchdown. However, Toney lined up in the neutral zone negating the score. The Chiefs never recovered and dropped their second in a row, a 20-17 loss to the Bills.

Mahomes was clearly not happy with the call and neither was Head Coach Andy Reid, but I hope after they re-watched the video they understand their arguments and complaints are not valid. I’ll explain as you watch Coach Reid claim that officials will always alert and warn coaches if they line up in the neutral zone. Reid called it “a bit embarrassing” for it to happen in the NFL.

I understand Reid’s frustration if Toney was lined up further down the line of scrimmage, but he’s within just feet of the ball staring at the ball the whole time. Toney was also an inside receiver. He should have had the awareness of that situation. Then this is just sour grapes from Mahomes. “Let us play the game…the whole throwing the flag…that’s what hurts.” It’s a brutal penalty to take but again if you’re the wide receiver…you have to line up in the right position.

The Chiefs were given plenty of opportunities to play. They took six penalties for 74 yards, they committed two turnovers and it was another with glaring dropped passes and bad route running that cost the Chiefs the game. Despite all that, had Toney just had a sense of awareness, the Chiefs may have pulled out a miracle after trailing 14-0. Instead of projecting frustration toward the officials, look inward and try to right the ship with four games left and just a one-game lead over Denver in the AFC West.

Here is the transcript provided by pool reporter Matt Derrick on the Toney call.