A “personnel inquiry” and a “house ethics complaint” is still being looked into by the Missouri House Ethics Committee. The committee meetings are closed off to the public, and because of that, there is no official word on what the subject nature could be about.

Committee Chairwoman Hannah Kelly, R-Mountain Grove, could not provide the details citing a House rule, which says that the complaint shall be confidential. She said afterward that the committee members will make sure that due process is given properly.

“These halls that my grandfather and my uncle walked in as an elected member continue to remain halls of integrity, halls where good government is produced because we held ourselves accountable and because we never tried to make a judgement on an individual in any situation without fair and due process being followed,” Kelly said.

The committee has been holding closed meetings on the matter since late October.

Vice Chair, Rep. Robert Sauls, D-Independence, said due process takes time.

“Actually, we want it to because no one wants to be accused of rushing and making a wrong decision when the information wasn’t present,” Sauls said. “I think, while some people may take issue with that, the lawyer and prior prosecutor in me says that that’s exactly what we want.”

There is no word on if or when the next meeting will take place.

“We are tasked with a serious responsibility of due process,” explained Kelly. “This is not a court of law. This is the ethics committee of the Missouri House of Representatives. So, anything is possible until a final outcome or decision is made and, at that point, the public will be aware of the finished work product.”

According to the Missouri Independent, House Speaker Dean Plocher, R-Des Peres, is suspected to be the subject of the investigation.

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