In a nutshell, Missouri is emerging as a top peanut producing state in the country. Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn provided an update on peanut production in Missouri.

“Due to the increase in production, Missouri has been designated the primary peanut producing state, as I referenced,” Chinn said. “This is because, to be able to get that, you have to have a three-year average production of over 10,000 pounds. As you can see, Missouri has definitely hit that mark.”

Her team inspects peanuts grown in the Bootheel region of Missouri and 2023 was the second year for inspection by agriculture staff at a facility in Kennett. She said that the region’s light, sandy soil provides perfect growing conditions for peanuts.

“In 2023, the national total, as of November 27, was over 2.65 million tons of peanuts,” she said. “Georgia, alone, accounts for well over half of that amount. Missouri’s total in 2023 was 28,249 tons. This put Missouri ranking 9 out of the 12 (peanut producing) states.”

Chinn says you’re probably having some Missouri-grown peanuts without even realizing.

“Local buyers of our Missouri peanuts could include JIF out of Memphis, TN, Skippy out of Little Rock, AR, or Planters out of Fort Smith, AR,” according to Chinn. “Our peanuts typically go to candy bars and peanut butter and processed wildlife feed in the state of Missouri.”

Chinn wants Missouri lawmakers to allow her department to receive authorization to provide grain and specialty crop inspection services.

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