Missouri’s testing process has changed for prospective commercial drivers. The Missouri Department of Revenue said the Commercial Driver License testing changes include a more streamlined pre-trip examination and more efficient basic skills course.

The changes began today and will be used by all CDL testing sites around the state, including at all Patrol examination sites and third-party exam locations.

Tom Crawford, executive director of the Missouri Trucking Association, said that the changes are being made to stay current with advancing technologies.

“Our system and our testing was kind of stuck a little bit,” Crawford explained. “The industry kind of reached out to the folks that write the exams and that administer the exams and said is there any possibility of making some changes to adapt towards some of the technology that’s on the vehicle now.”

He’s helping to make the industry aware of the changes.

“You know, we have a number of companies that are third party testers themselves and do their own testing and then there’s a lot of folks that have truck driving schools that are providing training to folks that are going to take the exam,” Crawford said. “Making sure that all of those folks have the necessary information about the changes in front of them.”

The new manual is available here.

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