Amidst Missouri’s drought conditions, ag producers are being invited to fill up for their fall and winter livestock forage needs on Saturday with a hay auction. Southwest Missouri’s Golden City hay dealer, Bill Garrett, who owns Garrett Hay Farm, started the auction. Tony Hancock with the Missouri Department of Agriculture tells Brownfield that supplies are short.

“We’re in a drought, so we know demand is really high,” he said. “They’re cautious about what it will be when the weather changes. But right now, it’s working out really well for them. They said they had over 100 active bidders at the last auction.”

Given the drought, demand remains strong for all types of hay.

“They sold over 900 tons of hay at their last auction down in Southwest Missouri,” said Hancock.

Over 800 tons of hay are expected, the listing says, including alfalfa, prairie, and fescue. Rounds, large, and small square bales are available.

The auction is in southwest Missouri’s Golden City, and it begins on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Megan Grebner, with Brownfield, contributed to this story.