A cluster of 14 new stars has been discovered by an international group of scientists. University of Missouri researcher Haojing Yan told Missourinet that it’s appropriately called the “Christmas Tree Galaxy Cluster.”

“It is so colorful,” he said. “If you look at its color image. It is just so beautiful and that’s one thing. The second thing is that this cluster is so special that it has been producing this kind of transience over and over again, those flickering lights, just like what you would be seeing from a Christmas tree.”

He used NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope and found that the cluster is located about 4.3 billion light years from Earth.

Yan conducted a time-lapse study and confirmed what he called “flickering lights” inside this new galaxy cluster.

“Those transients are special in the sense that we found 14 of those and 12 of those, they are actually individual stars in far away galaxies that are amplified by gravitational lensing,” said Yan.

He said the research wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

“It has been giving us so many surprises and basically I can say that it is giving us surprises every day, pretty much,” he said. “There are lots of things (that) will be changing our picture of the universe.”

The cluster is so far away that the light currently seen left that cluster shortly after the formation of our solar system.

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