A state lawmaker does not want Palestinian refugees to live in Missouri. State Representative Chris Dinkins, R-Lesterville, is calling on Gov. Mike Parson to ban them from settling here.

Here’s what Parson, a Republican, had to say about the request.

“Well, you don’t have the authority to do that to start off with. I mean, anybody’s been around a little bit, the federal government can place refugees anywhere they want to without asking your permission. First of all, there’s this big difference between Palestinian people, and the people of Hamas,” Parson told reporters. “Hamas are terrorist groups that attack our country and hate who we are. We don’t want them here. But I don’t think you want to take everybody that’s from Palestine to make them as bad people. I don’t know that.”

Dinkins said she wants to take a “proactive stance on this issue to safeguard the well-being and security of our citizens.”

“The celebrations of these attacks by Hamas supporters and sympathizers have further raised concerns about the potential threat these individuals pose to our citizens here on American soil,” Dinkins said in a news release.

Her sentiments line up with presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has indicated that a rise in refugees entering the U.S. could bring extremists.

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