Starting next year, Missouri will keep children enrolled in Medicaid health insurance for a year if their parents are no longer eligible. Kim Evans, Director of Missouri’s Family Support Division, said the reason for the change is due to a new federal requirement.

“Between February of 2024 and December of 2024, if there are any household changes except for if the child deceases, if the caretakers or the parents or the child requests that their coverage be ended, or they move out of state; those are the only reasons that we can close,” Evans told Missourinet.

Evans said during next year’s annual renewal reviews, the state will only check eligibility requirements for adults receiving the government-funded healthcare.

“All of the changes that happen within the family during the year between the annual renewal periods, those will be ignored for the children,” said Evans.

According to Evans, the federal requirement is not retroactive. The change comes as the state is reviewing eligibility for Missourians receiving Medicaid coverage. Whether some of the children who have been kicked off the program during the renewal process can get their coverage restored is unknown.

Participants have 90 days after termination to return required paperwork for reconsideration. After 90 days, Evans said they are required to reapply to qualify for the benefits.

She said the main reason enrollees are having their Medicaid coverage terminated is because the required paperwork is not being returned to the state.

Participants can sign up for the customer portal here. The portal will show when their documents and renewal is due. The state’s chat feature, to talk to a live representative, along with an appointment scheduler, is also available there. Evans said the portal is meant to be a “self service” method.

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