The Missouri Retailers Association predicts this year’s holiday sales growth will be between 3% and 4%. President Dave Overfelt said considering the current state of our economy, he thinks the figure is pretty good.

“But that’s still an over $9 billion increase over prior years,” said Overfelt. “It looks like it’s going to be a good solid holiday shopping season. Because if you look to last year, they were 5.4% and 2021 they were 12.7%. That’s huge! So, really, on the average, since 2010, the sales have done about 3.6%, but we also feel that the American consumers have kept this economy going.”

If you have noticed, holiday shopping is much different than it was years ago. Overfelt said the idea is to intentionally take advantage of sales online before Black Friday.

“To try to spread out the sales and stop the rush on the stores that we saw starting in the 80s that were getting dangerous in some places,” he said. “So, they’ve figured out ways to try to mitigate that and a lot of that is due to starting the Black Friday sales online and in their stores a few days earlier.”

If you are planning on hitting your nearest store for Black Friday shopping remember, Black Friday is this Friday.

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