Winter is right around the corner and that means it’s almost ski season. Missouri is home to a couple of ski resorts near Kansas City and St. Louis.

Tony Santora, general manager of Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Wildwood, told Missourinet he spent all summer getting the resort ready for when they officially open.

“This time of year is when everything kind of comes to a head and we make sure that all that stuff has gotten done,” said Santora. “We get all of our inspections completed and ready to go. We start bringing on our staff for the season and, you know, it’s kind of that culmination of all the work that has happened over the summer.”

He explained the snowmaking process, saying that the resort makes all of the snow that the skiers ski on.

“So it takes about four days of continuous snowmaking for us to make enough snow to get open,” explained Santora. “Yeah, it’s really, what we call, we look for a wet bulb temperature, which is, essentially, an equation taking humidity and the temperature and that kind of tells us when we’re able to make snow.”

In addition to skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding, the resort also offers lessons for beginners.

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