Kansas City International Airport is gearing up for the annual holiday rush. This time will be different as this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas travel period will be the first in KCI’s new terminal. Spokesman Joe McBride says he and his staff are excited.

“The whole experience is prepare, take time, educate, and if everybody’s doing that, maybe it’s going to run like clockwork, and I sure hope it does, as we have these first holidays in our new shiny Kansas City International Airport,” said McBride.

Before you head to the airport, check FlyKC.com beforehand. The new terminal that opened in February will lead to a new flying experience that spokesman Joe McBride requires some getting used to.

“We’ve done that and have those tools on our YouTube channel where we have these ‘how-to’ videos where kind of basically ‘through the windshield’ shot videos of how to use the cellphone lot or how to pick somebody up or how to drop somebody off and some other videos on the inside of the terminals because it’s a totally new dynamic,” he said.

Travelers are advised to register with their airline for electronic flight updates, in the event of a delay or cancellation.

McBride says it is still important to arrive at the airport early and build in time for parking and baggage check lines.

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