Missouri legalized recreational marijuana last November, but it is still a drug and could be misused. Kathy Trumbull is a medical doctor and a medicinal marijuana advocate. She tells Missourinet that the best form of advice she would give is to take baby steps.

“I always suggest start out small with the amount and work your way up because you can’t sit there and say, I’m a really big guy, I must need, you know, two gummies,” she said. “It’s like, no, you might only need a half or a fourth, even.”

Another reason starting out small is because you can avoid any health risks or loss of control if you take too much.

“If you are very new to using something, I would start with something that you can cut up, instead of starting with something that has to be taken whole,” Trumbull said.

According to the CDC, researchers do not know the full extent of the consequences when the body and brain are exposed to high concentrations of THC, which is in marijuana.

“If you get to a point where you’re getting something happening that you really don’t like, so you can’t concentrate so well or you’re feeling sleepy or you’re feeling dizzy or something like that, that’s your body trying to say you went too high, you’ve got to back down,” Trumbull said.

Voters in Missouri approved Amendment 3 last November, which legalized recreational marijuana use for adults.

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