A student-run coffee shop is teaching a group of Missouri high school seniors the grind of running a business.

Fort Osage School District students, near Kansas City, operate the shop as part of their entrepreneurial class. The district, along with students from surrounding schools, learn about business plans. They handle the marketing of the shop. They intern at a business.

Sidney Sullivan is taking the class and working at the shop, cleverly named Campus Grounds. She whips up frappes, lattes, espresso, and other tasty drinks.

“I love the environment of a coffee shop,” said Sullivan. “I love the smell of coffee. I love to drink coffee. And when I’m making coffee with my friends in the class, it’s just so much fun to be in. I really love this class. There’s a small group of people who are like-minded like me. I know they want to do something like I want to do in my career. It’s a really great way to start off my day every single morning, is coming to this class. I know it’ll help me and my future.”

Sullivan said the class and shop have been around since 2021.

“I’ve kind of learned how stressful it is to make something like a business, or try to even comprehend how much work a business is. I want to be a realtor,” Sullivan told Missourinet at the Missouri School Boards’ Association’s annual conference. “It’s kind of just teaching me that I have to have good work ethic and I have to get things done. Otherwise, I won’t be successful and I hope I am.”

From cinnamon rolls to spinach artichoke chicken cheese quesadillas, the shop has a variety of sweet treats and culinary masterpieces. They are prepared by a culinary arts class of budding chefs and foodies. Seasonal items are also on the menu, such as pumpkin spice and peppermint flavors.

How’s business going?

“It’s pretty good,” she said. “We give staff a discount on Tuesdays. We also have people in the area who just like to come into the coffee shop. I think it’s going to be a strong program in the next few years.”

Two levels of the coffee shop can be rented on days that it is not open. The grounds include a barn, outdoor seating area, and a gazebo.

“We have apple trees. It’s very beautiful. It’s very spacious. There’s a lot to do there,” she said.

To find out more about Campus Grounds, click here.

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