Grab your controllers and set your calendars – an eSports camp and videogame tournament is headed to Jefferson City.

The camp takes place from November 13 – 17, while the tournament takes place on Saturday the 18th.

Chance Shepherd, co-founder of Toxic Tournaments, said the camp is an important first step for someone wanting to get into videogames.

“It’s really kind of focusing in on videogame essential things like reaction time and teamwork and things like that. But then also pushing some more life skills, like any other sport would, of character building, and handling a loss, and having good sportsmanship, and things like that,” Shepherd said.

He said it’s designed to create an inclusive and engaging environment for gamers, which is a tie-in to the name.

“That’s kind of (laughs) where the irony of our name, Toxic Tournaments kind of came from was the community is just full of toxicity and we’re kind of trying to come at that from an angle, to kind of contain and purify that,” he said.

The event will be at Freshwater Church in Jefferson City. There’s a fee to participate in the eSports Camp, but camp attendance includes free entry into the tournament.

“We, ourselves, are putting up a $500 pot bonus, which will just go on top of all the bracket fees that are paid in,” Shepherd said. “That will go towards the competitive bracket. The pot bonus will pay out to the top 8 and that will be $500 plus however many people sign up.”

He told Missourinet that the goal is to nurture local talent and cultivate a thriving eSports scene in the region. The tournament will feature popular games such as Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., and Mario Party Superstars.

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