A Missouri school district is now providing a four-legged form of therapy for students and staff. Potosi school district, in eastern Missouri, now has two labs on board to help bring some comfort and joy to the classroom.

Superintendent Alec McCaul said the dogs are making a difference.

“These two dogs are amazing and to see the calming effect that a certified therapy animal has on these kids are amazing,” he told Missourinet affiliate KREI in Farmington.

McCaul said a couple of teachers took the initiative to get the therapy dogs.

“We’re fortunate to have North County had brought their therapy dogs over a couple of times. We had situations where we needed therapy dog and really got to looking at that point in time to say we had wanted to do this,” said McCaul.

Other Missouri school districts have therapy dogs, including northeast Missouri’s Hannibal and the Kansas City suburb of Grain Valley.

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