Missouri is listed as one of the worst U.S. states for internet connectivity with over 400,000 locations across the state without access to quality broadband. BJ Tanksley, the director of the state’s Office of Broadband Development, said his office is keenly aware of the problem and is trying to fix the problem.

“Missouri lays at an interesting crossroads where we’re not as rural as some of the western states, but we’re not as populated and not as well served as a lot of states,” he said. “So, we do lay in kind of an interesting place where we are one of the more unserved and underserved number of locations.”

The Biden Administration allocated over $1.7 billion in June, the third highest in the country, to help expand and improve broadband internet access statewide. In addition, over $260 million was approved by the state legislature in January to create more than 55,000 connections in areas that previously lacked broadband internet access.

“The good news is there’s a lot of work going on right now,” he said. “We’re talking about 200,000 of those locations are funded or the work is going on right now to bring service to those locations. That leaves behind about 250,000 locations that our office will be tasked with bringing service to with that once-in-a-lifetime funding that we have the opportunity to take advantage of.”

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