Every office within a state agency is a potential target for a cyber-attack, including the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Becky Allmeroth, chief safety and operations officer for MoDOT, said that includes any potential cyber-attacks during winter storms.

“There (are) a lot of things that we do that we really do depend on technology,” she told Missourinet.

Those things include traffic cameras on highways and tracking the location of snowplows and other MoDOT vehicles. But Allmeroth also said a cyber-attack would not prevent them from responding to a winter storm.

“In the flip of a switch, we can go back to ‘old school’ where you’re turning off some of those electronics and just allowing those operators and those trucks with the spreaders (to keep working),” she said. “We have some override systems, though.”

Allmeroth said MoDOT’s I.S. department is always watching out for cyber-attacks, along with the governor’s Office of Administration.

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