Archery season for deer and turkey, and turkey firearms season is underway.

Hunters are reminded of the procedures they need to follow before and after harvesting game, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Prior to hunting, you must have your permits, as doing so afterwards is a violation. Be sure to ‘notch’ the date and month of the kill. You can also do so through the MO Hunting App. Lastly, telecheck your game by phone, computer, or the app, another mandatory requirement which is separate from ‘notching’ your catch.

“Violations our conservation agents frequently encounter are hunters who have failed to purchase their permits before going hunting and hunters who fail to notch or telecheck a deer or turkey after harvest,” said Captain Russell Duckworth, MDC’s Southeast Region Protection Supervisor. “There are no changes in our Wildlife Code regarding these procedures; they have been in effect for several years.”

Hunters are also reminded of Missouri’s bating regulations.

“Another violation that our agents come across during the fall hunting seasons are hunters who are hunting over bait or have harvested a deer or turkey over areas where bait has been placed,” he said.

For more information about telecheck procedures, baiting regulations, and other parts of deer and turkey hunting in Missouri, check out your 2023 Fall Deer and Turkey booklet through the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website.

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