The race for U.S. House speaker is ramping up and there could be a new leader in place by the end of next week.

In a historic move, House Democrats and eight far-right Republicans successfully voted this week to remove Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, as speaker. The Republicans who voted to demote him are reportedly unhappy with McCarthy working with Democrats to pass a spending bill to keep the federal government running.

Names being mentioned as the next speaker include Congressmen Steve Scalise, R-LA, and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, as well as former President Donald Trump.

Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison, R-Springfield, opposed the spending bill but voted to keep McCarthy as speaker.

“The reason why I voted to retain him, along with the other 96% of Republicans that did, I think that there is a risk that we are not going to accomplish conservative wins, because if there’s no speaker, then there’s no business that comes before Congress,” Burlison told Missourinet. “I wasn’t a McCarthy apologist. I wasn’t, certainly wasn’t, if I had a magic wand, the person that I would have picked to be speaker. But for me, it was about calculating what is the best possible outcome to achieve the most conservative wins.”

Burlison said he voted to oppose the spending bill because he said won’t be part of that “charade”. According to Burlison, passing the spending bill at the last minute is by design.

“It’s in federal law that Congress has to pass the 12 appropriations bills and fund the government by September 30,” he said. “What they’ve done every year, for 27 years, is not do their job and pass a continuing resolution, and then eventually pass an omnibus bill to fund the government. If you are in leadership, you do not want the individual members to have any say on the appropriations and how things are appropriated. If you delay, and you stall until the end of the year, until we get to the deadline of September 30, then it puts in place for the speaker to be the one to drop at the last minute, a solution or an omnibus bill that no one has had time to read, that does not take into consideration everybody’s input. It’s simply you want to keep the government open, pass this pass this. And if you don’t, we go into shutdown mode.”

Burlison does not expect the voting for Scalise or Jordan to take several rounds, like McCarthy’s historic 15 rounds.

“McCarthy, he had had a long history with people,” said Burlison. “And for those members, that 20-something members that voted against him, they felt like they could not trust him. It was more a matter of trust than where he stood and what his plan was. I don’t think that the people that are running right now have created enough negative history to warrant members to withhold their votes on the floor. But who knows. I couldn’t predict any of this. I’m new to this place, to working in (Washington) D.C. Some of the stuff you just cannot make up. It’s a very interesting place to work.”

He gives his stance on the names for the top House job.

“I would love to see a Donald Trump’s speakership, but I don’t think that he wants to do that. I want to see him go back in the White House,” he said. “You know, I think that Scalise and Jordan would both be good speakers. You know, nobody’s got my guaranteed vote. I need to hear what you’re going to actually deliver.”

Trump has come out and endorsed Jordan for speaker.

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