Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has filed an appeal in response to a court’s ruling on a proposed vote to make many abortions legal again in Missouri.

The move follows Cole County Judge Jon Beetem’s rewriting of the wording used to summarize to voters what the proposals would do. Beetem said in his ruling that Ashcroft’s language is “problematic.” Ashcroft’s summaries would, among other things, ask voters whether to “allow for dangerous, unregulated and unrestricted abortions, from contraception to live birth, without requiring a medical license or potentially being subject to medical malpractice.”

The American Civil Liberties Union sued Ashcroft, calling the summaries misleading, “poll-tested”, and “triggering a deep emotional response to voters.”

The Missouri Court of Appeals for the Western District is scheduled to hear the case on October 30th.

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