A Missouri newspaper is reporting Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign sent cease-and-desist letters to groups fundraising for gubernatorial candidate Bill Eigel.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports a political action committee backing Eigel solicited supporters asking them to support the former president, but instead, that financial support went to Eigel’s campaign. Eigel tells Missourinet that he cannot comment on outside organizations, but he’s focused on his campaign.

“This was more an attack on me trying to imply the things that you’re mentioning, and I got to tell you, I believe strongly, and I expected this, that I was going to get attacked by certain media outlets, like the Post-Dispatch, because what I’m doing is I am bypassing the traditional Republican establishment donor network,” Eigel said.

Eigel dismissed the report, calling it an ‘attack’.

“You know, Mike Kehoe is getting big checks from the most powerful special interests, I’m bypassing all of that by going directly to people in Missouri and throughout saying hey I’m a fighter, I need you to come on board,” Eigel said. “Everything we send out is focused on me and that’s what people respond to. I’m going to continue to support the president. I love his message. Our message is resonating all across the state of Missouri.”

Eigel, in a Missourinet interview, admitted to drawing comparisons to Donald Trump.

“Yeah, there are a lot of similarities between my message and President Donald Trump and I support the president,” according to Eigel. “I think he’s going to be fantastic for the state of Missouri. He’s going to be fantastic for America, and I expect our message to continue to be very similar over these next 11 months because I am that reckoning for Jefferson City, just like Donald Trump is the reckoning for Washington D.C.”

Missourinet has reached out to the Believe in Life and Liberty (B.I.L.L) PAC, which could not be reached for comment.

Missourinet contacted the Believe in Life and Liberty (B.I.L.L) PAC, but the group has not responded yet. Eigel faces off against Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe for the Republican nomination for governor. Missouri House Democratic Leader Crystal Quade, of Springfield, is also running for governor.

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