A new Missouri law criminalizes porch pirates – those who steal packages and other mail left on porches. State Rep. Adam Schwadron, R-St. Charles, sponsored the piece included in a public safety package.

“A lot of people, it’s not just items that they may need, but they’re items that they desperately need, such as medication that are being stolen, that are being delivered. And this just helps protect people and their property,” he said.

A ceremonial signing on the bill was held this week at the Missouri Capitol. Schwadron thinks the new law will take a bite out of crime.

“A lot of it is a crime of opportunity,” he said. “If people are aware that now they can be prosecuted as a felon, under this provision, hopefully that will stop it.”

Schwadron said some Democrats opposed the bill because of the immediate felony that suspects could be charged with, instead of a lighter penalty the first time around. He said criminals should not be “coddled.”

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