A rural member of the Missouri House of Representatives visited Kemin Nutrisurance, an ingredient manufacturer for pet food in southwest Missouri’s Verona, to commemorate three consecutive years without a workplace injury.

Rep. Mitch Boggs, R-LaRussell, said it’s important to recognize the contributions made by workers. He says that’s the reason why the U.S. celebrates Labor Day.

“I think that’s something that’s very important for all of us is to feel like our job is important, our place is important,” says Boggs. “For the company to consider those people important enough to put that logo on them to say, hey these are our people, I think that is important as well as a team effort to make people realize that they are a part of something a lot bigger.”

The company recently completed a $70 million, 38,000 square-foot facility expansion in Verona, which brings nearly 30 new jobs to the area.

Boggs says that’s huge to the rural town of about 500 people.

“Whenever you’re talking millions, that’s something to raise an eyebrow to see that someone has chosen to invest in our area,” Boggs says. “Whenever you think of job growth, that is important to bring to these areas because, in a rural area, you have less workforce to pick from.”

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