Missouri wants to do more business with Japan. Gov. Mike Parson said he’s going on a trade mission to the Asian country in October.

He said Missouri agriculture is a priority on every trade mission.

“People over there are starting to probably, I want to say, buy a better grade of meat altogether. So, I think that really opens the door for us here in Missouri or here in the United States. Sometimes we’re competing against Brazil and Australia. But I think our quality is much better than what theirs are. And I think just because the dollar in those countries are getting a little stronger for American products,” said Parson.

According to the governor, Japan has been a great trade partner.

“I think it’ll surprise you of all the things that trade that we have with them and how important that’s been for years. I’m not sure why we just haven’t been over there to really build those relationships a little better but we’re long overdue,” said Parson.

Parson said the last time a Missouri governor traveled to Japan for a trade mission was several decades ago.

“We’ve had so much success for when we went overseas. And it’s been a long time since anybody, a governor, has been to Japan. So, we’re really looking forward to that. There’s a lot of things we’ve got going we hope to be able to maybe complete some issues we have on the table. We’d like to be able to expand some of the businesses here and hope we get to bring some new business here,” said the governor.

Parson told reporters today that the trade mission will be around the first part of October.

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