A national back-to-school event this weekend in Washington, D.C. will include a group of Missouri teachers and students. The bash is extended to state teachers of the year and a few guests from their community.

Missouri’s Teacher of the Year, Christina Andrade Melly, from Ritenour High in St. Louis County, will be at the White House event. She has invited one teacher, two high school sophomores, and one high school senior.

Beth Seibold, who is going along, is a family consumer science teacher who also recruits students to be future teachers.

“I hope to learn how they’re implementing strategies and diversity and programs to reach all their students,” said Seibold. “And I really hope that the students see that education is a worthwhile career path. The students that we’re taking are passionate about education, and I really want them to see the positive sides of education. It’s helpful to see that students are so passionate about education. Education gets a negative rap sometimes.”

She and other teachers at the gathering will share reasons they are optimistic about the new school year.

“I think every year you’re optimistic for change,” said Seibold. This year I’m optimistic more for the change and making it relatable for our students, knowing what our students interests are, knowing their learning styles, being able to reach them and connect all the core subjects together.”

Their reasons for being optimistic about the new year will be featured through mid-September along a public tour route of the White House.

She said teachers need to know their students.

“We need to know how to reach them and how to make education applicable for them. So we’re all technology focused, but not every kid is great at technology. So bringing back some of the traditional methods of small group instruction and projects and project-based learning, that’s not directly tied to the technology, but also using that technology in a positive way. And getting them prepared for the real world is very important as well,” said Seibold.

It will be a quick trip for the Missouri bunch. Ritenour High has school on Monday.

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