Member voting on a tentative UPS deal for union workers wraps up Tuesday.

Tentative changes include a bump in pay for full- and part-time workers – $21 per hour for new and existing part-time hires and delivery drivers will get $49 per hour.

There’s also the other side of that coin – non-union supervisors and managers who are not part of that deal.

Chris Tongay with Teamsters Local 688 in St. Louis said he has heard grumblings from some of them.

“Yes, I mean it’s anecdotal, but I believe I’ve heard through some of our members that various locations, the supervision and management team are complaining because how, in their mind, how rich this contract is going to be for our members versus, they may or may not get a pay raise,” said Tongay. “I don’t know. I really can’t speak to that.”

Tongay said he’s heard about some part-time managers complaining that they might not get a raise.

“If you want to try to compare that to what the supervision and management makes, it’s a little different because all of our wages and benefits are right there in front of us,” said Tongay. “The management folks, it’s a little different because they have a base pay salary and then they’re eligible for bonuses, and also stock through the company.”

Eastern Missouri has about 3,500 UPS union members.

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