If the truth is out there, it’s not extraterrestrial. That’s what U.S. Rep. Eric Burlison, R-Missouri, said he believes after taking part in a recent congressional hearing into whether UFO’s and aliens from another planet are real.

“I find I have a hard time buying the idea that an alien species is technologically capable to reach nearly the speed of light, travel trillions of miles or more, and gets here and somehow incapable of navigating Earth’s atmosphere,” he said.

Three retired military members gave testimony under oath to what they say they’ve seen over the years, which included vessels seen by the naked eye and detected by radar. Despite being a skeptic, Burlison said he doesn’t think the men were lying.

“What they observed is what they observed, and the film, the footage that they have is what it is,” he said. “I just don’t jump to the same conclusions that they do, which is that these things that we’re seeing in the sky are coming from Little Green Men, you know, light years and light years away.”

So what does Burlison think they saw?

“In my opinion I think it’s either angels or it’s manmade,” he said. “I think the most likely explanation is that it’s manmade.”

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