Missouri has recalled about 62,800 marijuana products due to the manufacturing company not following statewide regulations.

The Missouri Division of Cannabis said that products made by Delta Extraction, based in Robertsville in eastern Missouri’s Franklin County, were not compliantly tracked in a statewide system to verify that they came from marijuana grown in Missouri. The Division also stated that since the products were not tracked, they did not undergo required testing prior to being sold at dispensaries.

According to the extensive recall list, there are over 1,000 Delta Extraction products with the product license of MAN000022.

The state says patients and consumers who have purchased products made by Delta Extraction should stop using it. All unused products should be discarded or returned where purchased.

Returned products will not count toward a patient’s purchase limit.

The division said no adverse reactions for this product have been reported at this time. If adverse reactions are experienced, the division encourages customers to seek immediate medical attention. Patients and consumers are reminded that any adverse reactions should be reported by emailing [email protected] or filling out a complaint form.

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