Family members and caregivers of Missouri veterans now have a no-cost home away from home option if their loved one is receiving care at the Truman VA Hospital in Columbia. The Mid-Missouri Fisher House is now open.

Jeffrey Hoelscher is a spokesman for the Truman VA. He said family being there for a loved one is key.

“Having your family with you when you’re receiving care is so important, it’s good medicine,” Hoelscher said. “It’s great medicine. It’s very powerful, and we also know anecdotally that some veterans will flip off care if their family members can’t be there.”

Hoelscher said that this location will save the families who use the Mid-Missouri Fisher House more than half a million dollars each year.

The living space accommodates up to 16 families of veterans at any given time while their loved one is a patient at the hospital. Hoelscher also said that it’s free for those families to use.

“That’s the great part about this facility is is that we can accommodate those families now, and right on our campus, so that when they come, they don’t have to worry about how are they going to get across town, how are they going to pay for gas?”

The Truman VA treats vets from 44 Missouri counties as well as one in Illinois. This marks the third VA Fisher House in Missouri, joining one in St. Louis and another in Kansas City.

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