Crisis averted! A tentative deal has been reached with the more than 340,000 UPS teamsters across the U.S. It includes a raise in pay for full- and part-time workers, 3,500 of which are across eastern Missouri.

Chris Tongay, with Teamsters Local 688 in St. Louis, said member voting on the deal wraps up August 22.

“We responded with what we thought was more appropriate,” Tongay saud. “UPS stepped away from the table. (They) said that they were done bargaining at that point, and we told them that they needed to get back to the table so we could try to get this done in order for our members to continue working and avoid the labor stoppage.”

Tentative changes include $21 per hour for new and existing part-time hires, with advancement to $23 per hour, and delivery drivers will get $49 per hour.

“We were looking for pay increases to reward our members and the employees for UPS across the country that did such good work during the global pandemic to make sure that the supply chain didn’t fall apart,” according to Tongay, who said it boiled down to benefits and pay.

Other tentative changes include vehicle air conditioning and cargo ventilation for vehicles purchased after January.

Tongay said that there will be $7.50 increases over the lifetime of the contract, which breaks down year-by-year.

“The initial increase that everyone will get is $2.75 an hour. The total cost of that is about $1.9 billion. In ’25, ’26, ’27, and ’28 there are also wage increases.”

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