Missouri University of Science and Technology will continue to provide transportation training and course work to city and county government workers throughout the state. That’s due to a $1.3 million grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation. Missouri S&T engineering professor Heath Pickerill administers the Local Technical Assistance Program, or LTAP.

“We offer workforce development training, also continuing education, as well as various types of resources,” he said. “We are an avenue for these cities and counties to train their employees on a variety of different topics.”

Those topics include work zone and flagger training, which Pickerill said is one of their more popular courses.

“We instruct cities and counties, when they are setting up a work zone, on how that needs to be done in a safe manner to keep all of their employees safe while they’re on a job,” he said.

LTAP also provides courses on digging and shoring up trenches, equipment safety, gravel road maintenance, tractor/miller safety, motor grader training, and more. In addition, instructors travel to each city and county to provide the courses, which Pickerill said saves local governments money over having their workers travel out of town for training.

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