A free baseline concussion event is scheduled for Saturday, July 22 in Columbia at the Missouri Athletic Center for anyone who has ever worried that they or a loved one suffered a concussion.

Dr. Komal Ashraf is director of the Concussion Program at MU Health Care. She says the symptoms are divided up into five different categories.

“Behavioral changes or mental health, cognitive or memory thinking/processing, sleep, movement, and then headaches,” says Ashraf. “Those are kind of the big five. There’s definitely a difference in the severity of those symptoms depending on the degree of concussion it is.”

Athletes who suspect they may have had a concussion or those at risk of sustaining one in the future are encouraged to attend this event.

“I really recommend some reflection on how are these functions at baseline,” she says. What are their grades like at baseline? Then, if they get concussed, or some sort of head injury that, themselves, their coaching staff, their parents, are concerned about, then they have some sort of baseline to go off of.”

MU Health Care’s Concussion Program is designed to help those who suffer a concussion avoid the potential long-term side effect of head injuries.

Click here to register for the event.