As intense heat threatens to bake the Show-Me State this summer, residents are being advised on how they can keep their homes cool without breaking the bank. Jeff Berg is Ameren Missouri’s Senior Program Supervisor for Residential Energy Efficiency.

“July and August are typically our hottest months,” he said. “We certainly expect (to see) some more temperatures…in the 90s and pushing 100 coming up in a couple of months.”

Berg recommends using fans to create a breeze inside your home while also running your air conditioner, but to turn the fans off when you leave the room.

“Using both a fan and an air conditioner together keeps that air moving in a room and it can cool a person down more than just having the air conditioning by itself,” he said. “You can feel just as cool and maybe bump that thermostat setting up a couple degrees and save money in that way.”

If you have ceiling fans, Berg says to make sure they’re rotating counter-clockwise in the summertime.

Another approach to staying cool that may not immediately come to mind is using alternative cooking methods.

“I’ve used the oven a couple times, and it feels like I have a space heater in the corner of my kitchen,” Berg said. “If you have the option to…grill outdoors or use things like slow cookers or toaster ovens – things that won’t add as much heat to the room – that might be a good option.”

Berg also recommends making sure your air vents aren’t blocked, closing window shades and blinds, and programming your thermostat.

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