The Kansas City Chiefs are taking a victory lap and visiting Chiefs Kingdom with the Super Bowl 57 Lombardi Trophy for fans to see and take pictures with. The Missouri State Capitol is the latest stop in the Chiefs Champions Tour that’s making stops in Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa.

One of Missouri’s biggest Chiefs fans is Gov. Mike Parson, who celebrated the momentous occasion in his office before the ceremony kicked off Tuesday.

“Well it’s one awesome feeling, I can tell you, as the governor of the State of Missouri, especially the 57th governor of Missouri and you have got the 57th Lombardi Trophy right behind me, it’s a pretty special day to say, and I’m a lifelong Chiefs fan so it’s pretty cool be the governor at the time you get a Super Bowl trophy in your office,” he said.

Parson also remarked that he likes to promote Missouri as a state that loves its sports, adding that when the one of its sports teams wins a championship, it benefits the state’s economy.

“We promote that and when you win a Super Bowl, when you think of the economy that does for the Kansas City Chiefs, the parade, the NFL Draft, all of the things that go along with that, and your fan base just keeps spreading and spreading,” Parson said. “So, when you get people coming to Missouri, they’re spending money. For the economy of it, that’s one good thing and when you’re the Super Bowl champion, people pay attention.”

Missourinet caught up with lifelong members of Chiefs Kingdom who came to take pictures with the famed trophy. Ben Peters of Jefferson City was one such fan who remembers sitting on his father’s lap as a kid watching Joe Montana.

“It’s really cool to see a team that you remember in middle school people taking your hat and making fun of your team and then, here we are two decades later, I get to put that hat back on and watch that team win the Super Bowl,” said Peters.

Mike Lear works at the Missouri State Capitol as a Multimedia Coordinator at the Missouri House of Representatives. He was at the event in an unofficial capacity seeing the trophy.

“People who know me know I’m a history nut and as much as anything, as much as I’m a sports fan or anything else, and here we are in this historic building with this historic trophy here, this historic second Super Bowl win in such a short span of time, so this is more than just a sports fan, if you’re a fan of history, this is fantastic.”

Chris, a lifelong Chiefs fan, remembers such events like the team winning Super Bowl 4 in 1969 to Joe Montana in the early 199s all the way to now.

“Now, it’s come full circle,” he said. “It took ‘em a long time to put it together, but I think with Mahomes, and Kelce, and Chris Jones, you know, they finally got a team that you can be proud of.”

Fans still have an opportunity to check the trophy out in person. It will be on display Wednesday at the Missouri State Capitol from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the first floor rotunda. The event is free and open to the public.

The Chiefs Champions Tour continues through September. Click here for more information.

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