Drivers of 18-wheelers can now roll on with peace of mind knowing Missouri allows them to submit self-certification and updated health exam certificates through email or fax to D-M-V offices.

Tom Crawford with the Missouri Trucking Association tells Missourinet this is great news.

“The process that we’ve been working on with the department, and we actually got a bill through the legislature this year saying, you’ve got to do it this way now, is allowing that paperwork to be done electronically, either through fax or through email or something along those lines where the drivers don’t have to go in and do that in the office,” he said.

Crawford said that it provides relief for CDL holders who, otherwise, would have had to take time off of work to get the task done in person. He said the DMV has not kept up with the times.

“The antiquated software that they have to work with in their department, we’re sympathetic to that, but by the same token, the world’s moving on,” he said. “So we’re willing to give them some grace time and we’ll continue to wait a little bit, but I think this was a really good effort on their part to have it a little more customer service friendly.”

Visit the Department of Revenue’s website for details on CDL requirements for more information.