An anti-death penalty group wants Gov. Mike Parson to put a stop to the June 6 scheduled execution of Michael Tisius.

Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty will be at the state Capitol Tuesday to speak out against next month’s planned lethal injection of Tisius. They will also deliver petitions to Governor Parson’s Office asking the governor to grant Tisius clemency.

Nimrod Chapel, Jr., MADP Board Chair and President of the Missouri NAACP said in a statement:

“Missouri’s deep cultural attachment to the death penalty prevents us from adhering to evolving standards of decency designed to protect children from the ultimate punishment. Executing juveniles violates the Eighth Amendment, and Governor Parson should show mercy and spare his life. In almost every other state in the nation, Michael Tisius would not be eligible for execution,” said Chapel.

Tisius, 42, was convicted in the killings of two unarmed Randolph County jail workers in a plot to break out an inmate in 2000. He was 19 years old at the time of the murders.

Tisius has asked the governor to block the state’s plans to execute him. Parson has not yet released his decision.

Tisius is scheduled to be put to death as early at 6 p.m. on June 6 at the state prison in Bonne Terre.

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