Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has pulled the plug on his transgender health care restrictions but is now coming after Kansas City for declaring itself a sanctuary city to protect the community. He appeared on Missourinet affiliate KCMO and told host Pete Mundo that getting puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and gender transitions are the equivalent to getting a lobotomy.

“This is a stain on the history of a great city,” he states. “Look at how lobotomies used to be viewed. In the 1940s, they were all the rage. This was a popular, you know, approved medication, medical procedure to treat depression and other mental health disorders and they would go in and cut out people’s brains and it caused permanent damage. Now we look back at that (as) nothing short of mutilation and history is going to view this issue the same way.”

Bailey called the Kansas City Council declaring itself a sanctuary city ‘an illegal act’ and that the State of Missouri has tools to deploy against local officials who try to undermine state law.

His proposed restrictions triggered the ACLU of Missouri and Lambda Legal, an LGBTQ legal organization, to file a lawsuit seeking to block their implementation.

Additionally, he questioned why the city expressed intent to de-emphasize enforcing something that’s not a law, yet.

“So the trigger line will be once the governor signs the bill and the law becomes effective, that’ll be the trigger line for more substantive action,” he explains. “I’ll tell you, good thing they telegraphed their intention to us so we have all this time to prepare, right? I mean, what a tactical blunder! I mean, they’re so blinded by their woke activism that they don’t stop (or) even think about, number one, the children that will be harmed. Number two, that they are now coconspirators.”

This news comes after transgender legislation passed through the Missouri legislature that would ban transgender athletes from playing female sports and charge medical providers for ‘coercing’ anyone under 18 years old to undergo a gender transition.

In a press release from Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves, she assures that the city will not be enforcing the legislation if it’s signed by the governor.

Bailey concluded that Kansas City does not have the legal authority to set this kind of policy, and that what they actually are doing is encouraging people to undermine the rule of law.

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