A man scheduled to be executed next month in Missouri is fighting for his life behind prison walls. Gov. Mike Parson’s spokeswoman, Kelli Jones, said the Governor’s Office has received a request from Michael Tisius asking the governor for mercy.

Tisius, 42, is scheduled to be put to death as early at 6 p.m. on June 6 at the state prison in Bonne Terre.

He was convicted in the killings of two Randolph County jail workers in a plot to break out an inmate in 2000.

Early in 2000, Tisius and Roy Vance were cellmates in the jail, which is located in Huntsville, Missouri. Tisius was serving a 30 day term. Vance told him he was in jail for 50 years.

Tisius and Vance then discussed scenarios where Tisius would return to the jail to help Vance escape.

Upon his release, Tisius contacted Vance’s girlfriend, Tracie Bulington, who expressed interest in helping with the jailbreak.

On June 15th, 2000 Tisius and Bulington were admitted into the Randolph County Jail where they told officers they were delivering cigarettes to Vance.

It was shortly afterward that Tisius pulled a gun he was hiding in his pants and shot to death Leon Egley and Jason Acton. The guards were both unarmed.

Vance is serving a life sentence without parole in Bonne Terre for two counts of first degree murder. As for Tracie Bulington, she is serving two life sentences in Chillicothe, after being convicted of two counts of second degree murder.

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