After previously passing the Missouri House of Representatives, the Senate has passed a bill that would encourage workers to get upskill credentials. Upskill credentials are when employees utilize development opportunities and training programs to improve their existing job skills. The legislation is being carried by Sen. Karla Eslinger, R-Wasola.

“So the underlying bill basically just helps employers retain their employees, incentivize promotion from within, promote some workforce skills training for employees, also include the language for two strong really good protections for taxpayers including a six year sunset,” she said. “It also ensures that no company can participate if they have not already exhausted all other options.”

Senate changes to the bill include widening the scope of a name, image, and likeness (NIL) program to include prospective student athletes once they have signed a national letter of intent, in addition to job qualifications for prospective employees.

A change added to the bill from Sen. Bill Eigel, R-Weldon Spring, would limit how much a health care student can borrow.

“This is not something I would normally necessarily be a fan of because, you know, I think we’re getting very close to free college. We’re only just putting the caveat of free college as long as you work in Missouri for two years,” he said on the Senate floor. “Well, you know, if you take out a million dollars from the state that the state forgives, and you work in Missouri for two years and you move somewhere else, that may not be a real good return on investment from state.”

Since the Senate made changes, the bill goes back to the House for another look.

Click here for more information on House Bill 417.

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