At least four tornadoes rolled through Missouri over the weekend – leaving a trail of damage in its tracks.

According to the National Weather Service, the twisters touched down near Vichy, Hillsboro, Pevely, and Fenton on Saturday night.

An EF-2 tornado in Vichy has left some people with minor injuries and about 30 homes were damaged, some seriously.

John Butz, the Rolla city administrator, said the storm directly hit the Rolla National Airport, located near Vichy.

“There was a roof removed or tore off of one of the privately held T hangars at the airport. The city had several of the doors blown off. It actually went from the inside out on one of our hangars,” he said.

Butz said the airport is temporarily closed but it hopes to reopen soon after the damage is cleaned up.

“There’s so much debris that had fallen this way, sort of across the taxiways, runways, and the apron areas. We had crews out on Sunday beginning to do that pick up their, back out today. I haven’t heard the latest as to when the airport will be reopened but it should be soon,” said Butz.

Butz said the corporate and military hangars were damaged but are still operating.

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