From beef wellington to a sweet batch of ice cream, Wentzville School District is teaching high school students how to create culinary works of art.

Kaitlyn Ryan visited Jefferson City today as part of a Missouri School Boards’ Association event at the Capitol. Ryan, a senior in the culinary arts program at North Point High School, said the program is much more than baking cookies.

“I want to open my own bakery, so it’s taught me so much for marketing and everything that I should do for my bakery. It’s like the foundation of what you need to know to be able to cook and bake- what kind of flavorings you need to put in stuff and what kind of fats you need, what goes together to make something rise. It’s definitely a science,” she said.

Ryan’s dream bakery consists of dog and cat treats, wedding cakes, and other delicious sweet treats that people enjoy.

A bakery is right up her alley. Ryan has taken plenty of baked goods to school over the years. Getting volunteer taste testers has not been a problem. They have been champs about finishing off her sweets.

Ryan said the best dish she has made in the program is a “Blondie Bling” ice cream.

“It had Blondie brownies in it. It was like salted caramel flavors. I wanted something that was different. I’ve never heard of someone using blondies in ice cream and I liked making blondies. I won the competition in my class. I still make it to this day,” she said.

She recalls one kerfuffle.

“I have made tiered cakes. They’re really fun,” said Ryan. “It’s all about like making sure it stays together, making sure your icing is good. I’ve done a lot of tiers. I’ve had one fall over, but then I was able to save it. I had to revise it because I had handprints all over it.”

Ryan said her favorite technique is working on her patience – the best technique she said a baker can have.

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