Missouri doctors and doctors-in-training can legally exam patients under anesthesia or who are unconscious without the patient knowing it.

The Missouri Senate Health and Welfare Committee has voted in favor of state Sen. Lauren Arthur’s bill that would ban prostate, anal and pelvic exams without consent. The Missouri Senate could soon debate her legislation.

“I definitely don’t want to stigmatize those kinds of important exams. I just think it’s really important that patients should have a say over what happens to their body by requiring very clear informed consent. That’s one way that we can if anything, strengthen a patient doctor relationship,” Arthur said. “This deals more with cases where patients are put under for completely unrelated procedures. “There are examples of patients going under for knee replacement but then the doctors see it as an opportunity to provide training on pelvic exams.”

Exceptions include if the patient or person authorized to make health care decisions for the patient gives approval, the exam is necessary for diagnostic or treatment purposes, or a court orders the exam for evidence.

The provider who violates the ban could be disciplined by the provider’s licensing board.

To view Senate Bill 106, click here.

State Rep. Hannah Kelly, R-Mountain Grove, has filed a similar bill.

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