The Missouri Well-Being Playbook has been released by the state Department of Mental Health, which is intended to promote organizational wellness in the Show-Me State’s workforce. Rachel Jones, Director of Trauma Services, said it contains practices used in the behavioral health and developmental disability sectors that can be broadly applied.

“It’s really just changing the dialogue and our level of comfort around the topic of wellness and wellbeing and how that impacts people’s ability to work, their ability to live a balanced life. We hope that the information will be helpful for Missourians,” she said.

Though some topics are specific to healthcare settings, many are general and can be applied to diverse workplace settings, according to Jones. She said the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted new challenges and exacerbated the crisis of keeping and retaining employees.

“You know, COVID-19 really brought communities together, not just because of fear and trying to roll out vaccines and some of those technical things that needed to happen for COVID, but I think it also helped people understand just how fragile our wellbeing is at times and how there were a lot of people who were struggling,” said Jones.

The guide provides practices used in behavioral health and developmental disability state operated settings and programs, as well as hospital and healthcare centers across the state, which can be applied broadly to Missouri’s workforce as a whole.

The guide can be viewed here through the Missouri Department of Mental Health’s website.

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