Travis Kelce was the host of this past Saturday Night Live. He admitted he was nervous about doing his monologue but did a really good job handling the pressure.

It may have helped that his brother Jason and their parents were sitting in the front row. Jason even made his way on stage for a skit later in the show. Travis teased his brother about losing the Super Bowl, but said his brother was a better student than he was as Travis talked about getting kicked off the team in high school for failing English while Jason was an honor roll student. Or the time in college he got suspended for testing positive for marijuana. The moral of his story was simple. “If you smoke weed and don’t do well in school you could win the Super Bowl… twice”

Travis handled himself pretty well. Yeah he looked stiff at times, but that’s part of the SNL gig. The roles they had Travis play were pretty stereotypical except for the first skit when he was dressed in a pink sportcoat and tie and took two American Girl dolls to a cafe for lunch.

I was impressed overall with the writing and the ideas SNL came up with for Kelce. If you are one of those people who thought SNL hasn’t been the same since Belushi and Akroyd it probably didn’t meet your standards, but I give the show 4-out-of-5 stars.