A legislative effort is underway to exempt sales tax on diaper purchases in Missouri. State Senator Lauren Arthur, D-Kansas City, told Missourinet that items of necessity, like diapers, should not be taxed as high as they are.

“In Missouri, diapers are currently taxed at the same rate as luxury items like jewelry or clothing and we all understand that diapers are a necessity,” Arthur said. “It feels like this is an opportunity to provide some tax relief for working families so that they can spend those dollars in a better way.”

Sen. Arthur said that, despite being a Democrat, lawmakers and families from both sides of the political aisle should agree that taxing items of necessity is wrong.

“They all understand the challenges associated with supporting a young family,” explained Arthur. “I don’t think, just as a philosophical position, I don’t think that this state should be making money or generating revenue off of items that babies and women and families need in order to live a happy, healthy life.”

Similar bills have been filed for the past several years, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the inflation that followed, but it never received the support necessary to pass through both chambers. Sen. Arthur said families must often decide between buying items of necessity like diapers or having to pay monthly bills.

Similar bills have been filed this session.

Click here for more information on Senate Bill 184.

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