With the signature of Missouri’s Governor Mike Parson, state employees will begin seeing an 8.7% pay increase as well as a $2-per-hour bump in pay for group care employees working nights and weekends. Parson signed House Bill 14 in downtown Jefferson City Monday, where thousands of state employees gathered to cheer him on.

“How do we do a better job taking care of state employees in this state and I said the first thing we have to do is we have to make sure they’re getting paid a competitive wage that’s compared to the private sector because if state government don’t work, nothing works,” proclaimed Parson. “That’s why it’s important to do that.”

The plan, that follows a 7.5% pay increase in 2022 for state employees, will cost taxpayers an additional $600 million. The pay hike does not include statewide elected officials, legislative members, and judges. He touted that the pay increase was necessary, given the cost of living has increased in recent years.

“Since I’ve been governor, your wages has increased, counting this raise, by 20%,” explained Parson.

State employees will begin to see pay increases in their March 31 paychecks. House Bill 14 also includes $20 million for school safety grants, in addition to over $600,000 to help with a black vulture problem in southwest Missouri.

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