State Sen. Greg Razer, D-Kansas City (File photo courtesy of Tim Bommel at House Communications)

State Sen. Greg Razer, D-Kansas City, has filed legislation that he says would clarify Missouri’s abortion laws. Razer tells Missourinet that last year’s Roe vs. Wade ruling allowed the state to ban most abortions, but he said the definitions of abortion and pregnancy create a gray area that’s confusing.

“A pregnancy is measured from the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period, meaning a woman in Missouri is pregnant before she has had intercourse,” explained Sen. Razer. “Then, abortion is defined as a mother using or prescribing any instrument, device, medicine, drug, or other means or substance with the intention other than to increase the probability of a live birth.”

Gov. Mike Parson said in June 2022 that state law hasn’t changed the legality of contraceptives, adding that they are not abortions and are not affected by the Right to Life of the Unborn Child Act. Additionally, then-Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who made Missouri’s abortion ban take effect last year, said the state’s abortion ban does not prohibit Plan B or contraception.

Sen. Razer claims his bill is a bipartisan piece of legislation and that ‘the overwhelming majority of Missourians believe in contraception.’

“Also kind of difficult in here is an issue that hospitals and doctors are facing when there are emergency situations with health of a pregnant woman,” according to Sen. Razer. “At what point can they go in and save the woman’s life without having violated law?”

Upon being read a second time, the bill has had no movement since January 12th.

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